Made in America: The short list

July 20, 2012

By Emanuella Grinberg, CNN

updated 5:28 PM EDT, Mon July 16, 2012


Over the course of a century, the classic Stormy Kromer trapper hat has established itself not only as a reliable winter hat, but a part of American folklore and pop culture as well. The fact that all the hats are still made in Ironwood, Michigan -- supporting the local labor force -- contributes to its status as a symbol of the American dream, Stormy Kromer CEO Bob Jacquart said.

Made in America

NEW: CNN commenters provide picks for brands that manufacture in America
Products manufactured in America may seem hard to find, but it's not impossible

(CNN) -- The slow death of American manufacturing and the trend toward outsourcing overseas has made it hard to find American-made goods, but not impossible. A host of small businesses are still dedicated to manufacturing goods in America, and, thanks to a few diligent bloggers, they're easier than ever to find.

"Buying Made in USA is not just a passing trend. It truly is something we as consumers, business owners and even government can do to support small to mid-size businesses," said Julie Reiser, president and co-founder of Made in USA Certified, which audits supply chains for businesses that want their products to bear their seal.

"Small businesses are responsible for two out of every three new jobs created in the U.S. We need these small to mid-size businesses to flourish and grow as they are our innovators, our makers and job creators. Making it in America, supporting U.S. manufacturing and buying American is one thing we can all do today to help keep the American dream alive and well."

Here's a short list of websites and Facebook groups dedicated to helping consumers find products made in the United States, along with a few brands known to manufacture most or a substantial portion of their goods stateside. Read the list and help us grow it by adding your suggestions in the comments.


The Made in America Movement

USA Love List

American Made Matters

A Continuous Lean: The American List

Things Made in America

made in usa challenge

Hickorees: Made in the USA

Haute Americana


- Arne Mason: Leather carrying cases

- Blackbox Case: Wooden laptop cases

- Fox River Mills: Socks

- Makr Carry Goods: Bags, stools, wallets, belts

- NATIVE(X): Totes, scarves, jewelry, mugs

- Pierrepont Hicks: Ties, bowties

- Randolph Engineering: Glasses, sunglasses

- Summit Creek Dry Goods: Wallets, key chains, belts

- Estex Mfg. Co.: Tool sheaths, aprons, buckets, holsters


- Archival Clothing

- Duluth Pack


- J.W. Hulme

- Maptote

- Mountain Ridge Gear

- Tom Bihn

- Tough Traveler


- All American Clothing

- American Apparel

- Beverly Hills Basics

- Black Halo

- C&C California

- Emerson Fry

- Hanky Panky

- Imogene and Willie

- Kate Boggiano

- Left Field

- Pendleton

- Pointer Brand

- Raleigh Denim

- Taylor Stitch

- Todd Shelton



- Alden

- Allen Edmonds

- Capps Shoe Company

- Munro Shoes

- Oakstreet Bootmakers

- Quoddy

- Rancourt and Company

- Red Wing Heritage line

- Russell Moccasin Co.


- Bollman Hat Company

- Stormy Kromer

- Walz Caps


- Stetson


- Audio Research: Audio products

- Braun Corporation: Manufacturer of wheelchair lifts and ramps, transit vehicles

- Case Knives: Pocket and hunting knives

- Colgate: Crib mattresses and pads

- Council Tool: Hand tools

- Edelbrock: Specialty vehicle parts

- Excel: Hand dryers

- Grado Labs: Headphones and phone cartridges

- Litespeed Bicycles

- Pacific Hospitality Design: Furniture

- K'NEX: Children's toys

- Geneva Manufacturing: Modular garage organizing gear

- Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

- MAK Grills

- Malpaca: Pillows and bedding

- Purrfectplay: Pet toys

- Simplicity Vacuums

- Sterilite: Plastic Housewares

- Steelman Cycles

- Stonebridge Upholstery: Furniture

- Tervis: Tumblers, drink ware

- USA Flag Supply: American, Gadsen, specialty flags

- Vandersteen Audio: Speakers

- Wholesome Hide: Rawhide dog chews

Where do you shop for products made in the United States? Share your resources in the comments!

Made in USA Certified® Launches US Jobs Project™ Initiative

July 17, 2012


News Release

June 22, 2012


Made in USA Certified® Launches US Jobs Project™ Initiative

US Jobs Project™ kicks off Independence Day week and concludes Labor Day weekend with the "Made in America Festival" sponsored by Jay Z.

Made in USA Certified® has partnered with US manufacturers to rally for US jobs and US manufacturing with a tour across America in a red, white & blue, star spangled bus. The US Jobs Project™ launches in patriotic fashion this July 3rd – July 7th, Independence Day week.

The main goals of the US Jobs Project™ are: 1) Promote US manufacturing and the critical role domestic manufacturing plays in the creation of sustainable US jobs 2) The important role consumers’ play in the creation of jobs by supporting products Made in USA.

"This project is fueled by the idea that Americans helping Americans can truly create sustainable jobs and jumpstart our economy. We believe that together, we create jobs in the USA." Julie Reiser, President and Co-Founder of Made in USA Certified® said.

The US Job Project™ tour will officially kick off on July 3rd & 4th in Delray Beach, Florida for the Independence Day Extravaganza. There will be product giveaways, fan photo fun and supporters can register for the "Great American Giveaway" contest, where participants can enter to win a custom designed Gibson guitar.

After the July 4th fireworks celebration the bus will head to Daytona, Florida for the NASCAR, Subway Jalapeno 250, Coke Zero 400 races and a concert by double Platinum recording band, TRAIN at the Daytona International Speedway on July 6th & 7th.

The US Jobs Project™ bus will make its final summer stop Labor Day weekend in Philadelphia, PA for the Made in America Festival, with an amazing line up of musical artists sponsored by Jay Z and Budweiser.

"This country needs jobs; it is the single most important issue facing our Nation today. The US Jobs Project™ is one way we can help get America back to work again." Julie Reiser stated.

About Made in USA Certified®:
Made in USA Certified®is the non-partisan leader in independent, third party, assurance verification for genuine ‘Made in USA’, ‘Product of USA’, ‘Service in USA’ claims.  Together, we create jobs in the USA™.

Julie Reiser
Facebook.       Twitter


Timing is Everything


Why the US Jobs Project and why now?

Our Country needs jobs. We hear it in the news every day. More and more people we know are being affected. Unemployment is a problem that cannot be solved overnight- but we have to start somewhere. We are calling our initiative the US JOBS PROJECT. This is a project that we can all be part of, one that can help our great country get back on her feet again. This is a project that is truly about Americans helping Americans and creating sustainable jobs in the process. A project that states loudly and affirmatively:
Together, We Create Jobs in the USA. ™

*Greater than 8% of the US labor force is unemployed.*

But this number doesn’t tell the whole story. It is a number that represents friends, family, and perhaps yourself. It is a number that rises to double digits within the Hispanic and African-American communities and many cities & states across our country. It is a number that doesn’t take into consideration the people that have stopped looking for work and have just given up. It is a number that most economists predict won’t drop below 8% for at least the next year- making this the longest stretch of unemployment above 8% in more than 70 years. It is a number that affects every one of us, but it is a number that can be reduced. A number that we can rally together against to make the United States of America the place that we all know she can be.

*Community Business’s Create Jobs- It’s a FACT.*

Community businesses are the undeniable “backbone” of America. These small to mid-size businesses employ over half of all private-sector workers and have created over 64% of new jobs in the past 15 years. If these businesses are strong and growing—so are we and so is our Country. The problem is, these businesses need our support. They need consumers to know about the importance of buying products “Made in USA” and supporting the very businesses that are the job creators in our Nation. Buying American is not just a catchy phrase, it is an action that every single person can do TODAY to help support businesses trying to “Make it in America” and create jobs for Americans.

Join the movement! Together, We Create Jobs in the USA. ™






Are toxic chemicals putting your family at risk?

May 31, 2012

Imagine if every time you went to the pharmacy, shopping for medications was a complete guessing game. What if drug makers weren't required to disclose ingredients in their products or prove their safety, leaving you without a way to determine whether what you're buying is safe for you and your family? You would live in fear that the medicine you purchased to make your child feel better could actually harm more.

Parents, Kids Press Congress To Tighten Toxic-Chemical Rules

May 23, 2012

Article from The Denver Post 5/23/2012

Malpaca featured in Green Blog

March 28, 2012

Nancy Kenney, blogger for Denver GreenStreets ( discussed organic bedding in a recent blog post. She featured Malpaca pillows as an excellent representation of the kind of bedding we should be using!

Read the blog:

Spring Clean with Fresh Bedding Made With Alpaca and Organic Cotton

The bedding industry has come a very long way in it’s efforts to provide you with  products that are healthy. The sleep industry provides a wealth of information on research associated with medical problems and the mattress you sleep on and the pillows you rest your head on. From dust mites and other allergy causing bugs and molds to the position you sleep in, all have an impact on your health.
Since before green was green and eco friendly actually ment something, companies like NauraWorld have put the healthy bedding  industry on the map.  Since 1994, NaturaWorld’s mission has been committed to helping their customers “achieve a superior night's sleep, alleviate pain, and increase comfort through unique and exceptional sleep systems that aid overall health and well-being.”
Malpaca Founder, Mary Anderle spoke to Nourish The Planet about the benefits of Alpaca in the bedding industry. No chemicals are used to clean the fibers, only a mild detergent which is fragrant free and earth friendly. The water used in the manufacturing process is recycled four times in a contained environment then released back.
Certified Organic means the contents have been grown in an environment, harvested, processed, and manufactured without chemicals, with a lower carbon footprint than traditional manufacturing and processing.
As Spring is in the air, take a look at these companies as alternatives. All natural fibers and 100% organic pays in the end. It can help lower health issues associated with over exposure to chemicals. That alone should give you a good night sleep.

Malpaca® pillows as top 5 products of spring in March

March 28, 2012

 Boston Fox news station presents Malpaca® Pillows as top 5 best products of spring.


Flawed California Law Makes Baby Products Toxic

March 8, 2012

“Compared to previous generations, today’s children have higher rates of serious  health problems including allergies, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder,  autism, birth defects, cancer, diabetes, and obesity…”
Read more

California Pushes to End Use of Toxic Flame Retardants

March 8, 2012

Read the article about why California is pushing to stop using flame retardants and other toxic chemicals in their bedding.

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