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Size Options

Four size options of :

Standard, Queen, King, & Euro 

Standard size - 19” x 27” weighing 3-4 lbs.
Queen size - 19” x 30” weighing 4-5 lbs.
King size - 19” x 35” weighing 5-6 lbs.
Euro size - 30” x 30” weighing 6-8 lbs.

Travel size - 16" x 12" weighing 2 lbs. (one fill only- no options)


Fill Options


Three fill options of – Light, Medium, Full

Light fill - best for younger children or for adults who prefer a flatter softer pillow.
Medium fill - preferred by most.
Full fill - the most full and firm support, great for the snorer who needs to be elevated, and also - popular in King Full size amongst our expecting mothers who like a supportive & safe body pillow.


Malpaca pillows' design represents both the traditional hand-made style, and the contemporary foam memory pillow personality, having a more supportive, yet buoyant feel. Heavier than most pillows, it's fuller body is not as airy as feather fill. The natural fill will have more loft at first, but will compress some, after conforming to each individual sleep habit, then hold its shape for years, so no need to ever "fluff" daily. 





Malpaca® pillows are offered in a bamboo blend soft & pliable fabric cover of 100% Viscose Organic Bamboo, and are OCIA International Organic Certified. 





To Clean Pillows

Care is simple: To clean & deodorize, place in sunshine a few hours. Yes, this really works!

Much like down feathers that occasionally sneak through the fabric covering it, you may see some natural shedding occur with the alpaca pillow. No worries, there's plenty inside!   

The alpaca fiber is processed in a “cloud” form, so fluffing or pulling actually separates it, and causes lumpiness. Simply flip it over if need be.

To protect the pillow from soiling, we suggest covering the pillow with an all natural fabric blend pillow case, and preferably organic. This is extremely important to allow the fiber inside to breathe and perform.






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