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Most luxurious sleep ever
I first saw Malpaca at a trade show and was instantly interested in where the Alpaca fur came from and when I found out everything was Made in the U.S.A. -- I was in love. I had to have one (actually 8) for everyone in my family. When the pillows arrived they have this great re-usable tote that everyone uses and loves. The fabric on the pillows are so luxuriously soft, you almost can't believe it. But, when we all slept for the first time on our Malpaca pillows.....that was it! We are never going back to anything else. These pillows are the ultimate in luxury sleeping, Made in U.S.A., and environmentally responsible. So, with kids ranging from 16 years to 5 years old and all of them LOVE their pillows. You just can't go wrong with this purchase. (Posted on 9/23/11) Review by Mom of Six Kids

Former C-Pap User 
I have used a C-Pap machine for the past 12 years to help me breathe at night and not snore. My wife has been sleeping with a Malpaca pillow for several months now, and after watching how well she was sleeping, wanted to try a pillow. Having tried several kinds of pillows before, and didn't think it would matter what kind of pillow I slept with since I relied on my machine to get me through the night without snoring. If I slept without the C-Pap, I snored horribly, and stopped breathing several times a night, and woke in the morning feeling like I hadn't slept.
She encouraged me to sleep without the machine (which was difficult because it was like my lifeline and went everywhere with me) and try the pillow. The first night I tried the Malpaca pillow my wife told me I barely snored. Honestly, I hadn't noticed, because I slept, and hadn't woken up at all during the night! I was skeptical, and continued to sleep on the pillow without my C-Pap. This pillow supported my neck in such a way that it has been weeks without my trusty machine, and I continue to sleep well with great results. Wow. This is unbelievable to me because that machine went everywhere with me, and was a pain in the you-know-what to haul around. That pillow has actually caused me to sleep on my back and side instead of my stomach, and also now am able to once again, hold my wife at night without an air-blowing, noisy machine between us. That's the best part! (Posted on 12/8/10) Review by Snore no more

SO comfy! 
I have been sleeping with my new Malpaca pillow for a week now and I can't believe it is so comfortable! As soon as I put my head down I am ready to sleep- no rearranging an old pillow to get comfortable. I love the fact that it gets so clean and fresh in the sun! I often wake with a headache and I think this pillow is going to help a lot. (Posted on 9/29/10) Review by Allison

Getting to like it! 
I purchased one of the first pillows produced. It was stuffed firmer than I am use to with Alpaca wool, which I found hard to sleep on at first, and it was different from any standard pillow. After a couple months of sleeping on it, I have a different opinion. I find myself falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, well, within five minutes or less. My wife says I don't snore as much as I use to and I don't grind my teeth anymore. (Posted on 9/23/10) Review by Grampy

Just what the doctor ordered. 
I thought that the pillow, when it arrived, was going to be too bulky. I slept through the night. The pillow had wonderful support, and held my head so that any issue with acid reflux while sleeping just wasn't a factor. My doctor had wanted me to get a firmer pillow, and I had been sleeping with my arm under my head to raise my head from the bed better when I slept on my side. This pillow is just right, and the lack of contaminants is very attractive to me and my family. I think I found the perfect Christmas gift. (Posted on 9/22/10) Review by soundly sleeping

Best pillow ever! 
I am loving my new Malpaca pillow! Not only is it comfortable but I finally got a good night's rest without waking up due to breathing issues. My husband tells me that he did not hear me snore once! I am not sure that is a scientifically proven outcome but it worked for me. You need one of these pillows and one for everyone in your family. (Posted on 9/20/10) Review by Snore no more!

Ah...a good night's sleep 
I LOVE my new Malpaca pillow! Besides being healthy for me, it is so comfy to sleep on. I had the best night's sleep that I have had in months. Lots of nights my head would sweat...but with my new head was dry and my hair wasn't a mess in the morning! I've also purchased a Malpaca pillow for my daughter's birthday. I can't wait to give it to her! (Posted on 9/9/10) Review by NO MORE....Sleepless in Montana

How to clean dirt from shipping off tote 
I love the whole green friendly concept of the pillow and tote. The tote is a fantastic bonus to this pillow, and after it arrived pretty dirty from shipping, I wanted to clean it before I turned it inside out to reuse. First, remove any shipping labels and then to clean off the sticky part left on, I rubbed olive oil into the area and let it sit for a few minutes. I did have to scrub the sticky part a little, but an old toothbrush worked well. I then took a microfiber cloth and rinsed it in hot, soapy water, and washed over the whole tote. This pretty much took off everything, and the tote looked practically back to new before UPS got a hold of it! (Posted on 9/9/10) Review by Pillow - tote fan

Feel like when I was growing up.... 
This pillow has brought me back to my years as a child and how we use to clean our natural bedding. The fact that I can put this in the sun for a couple hours (which I have done several times already) and it comes in smelling so clean and fresh without having to waste water washing it, waste time and energy drying it, and no money is spent on chemicals or detergents, is money well saved when considering buying this pillow. (Posted on 9/7/10) Review by Northwest Grandma

No more night acid reflux 
I use to wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I could not breathe. That no longer has happened since I got this pillow, as now I breathe normal. The bonus I didn't expect, was no more acid reflux issues bother me all night long! I consider this to be a "Godsend" to be able to breathe and sleep well again. (Posted on 9/7/10) Review by Retired Vet

A true peaceful night's sleep knowing I am breathing no toxins from my pillow. (Posted on 9/6/10) Review by Mary

Comfortable, healthy alternative for better sleep. 
Finally! A comfortable, breathable, supportive yet pliable pillow constructed from quality organic materials. This one is obviously made to last. The tote bag that came with the pillow is a great idea-- no more sleepless nights wrestling with hotel pillows. Unique in both materials and construction, this is the only pillow of its kind I have ever seen. Would make a thoughtful healthy gift to give or receive. Simple ordering process and fast shipping. What more could a person ask? (Posted on 9/6/10) Review by Northwoods Steve

Feel my little one is much safer! 
After reading what is in our bedding, mattresses, and pillows, I was appalled! As a Mom of a young toddler, it scared me to think of what we might be doing to him and his future health. After sleeping on his Malpaca pillow, my little one is happy and sleeping well; So am I, knowing that he isn't breathing in the toxic off gassing that can cause so many future and current health problems. Thanks for easing my mind a bit Malpaca! (Posted on 9/5/10) Review by HappyMommy